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I was just on Yahoo and the topic currently trending is Birth Control, when I clicked to see why is was trending I almost croaked. The state of New York will be dispensing Plan B without a parent’s consent in effort to combat teen pregnancy, which is steadily rising. Now in my opinion I believe that this is wrong, I agree with giving them the information for safe sex is excellent every child, actively having sex or not should know about STD and pregnancy but handing this to them will give out the wrong message. Giving them condoms is OK but birth control and Plan B ummm NO!! I believe giving them such tools will encourage them to have unprotected sex. Lets face it kids are a little naive at times, they will think that they could have unprotected sex because this item is at their disposal. Then statistics on teen pregnancy will diminish and STDs among teen will rise. I’d love to hear what your thought are on such topic?? Should every state follow the lead of New York?