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I had my daughter at a very young age and we were definitely strapped for cash while she was growing up. Mainly from birth to toddlers years, we caught a break when she was 3. So with that said we had limited money and whenever she wanted something I would try not to sugar coat it. So I’d tell her ” listen, mommy doesn’t have money right now but I promise that when I get some money I’ll buy you this.” I never got her an abundance of things, only for her birthday and Christmas. I was always sincere, if I had the money but knew I could buy it, I’d tell her the reason why I couldn’t buy it. Explain to her how some things had more priority than others.

Forward to today, As most can relate we are a little strapped on cash again, this horrible economy has hit everyone hard. This morning on our way to work/ school as always we were having our morning talk without little nix. Pep (aka Oldest daughter) was telling me how her friend in school has all these flats and she never repeats the same pair in a week. She has all these cute shoes. I felt so bad because I know deep inside she wanted to also be that girl with all the cute shoes or so I thought. So I turned to her and said, ” I know things are a little tough now but as soon as I get things in order I promise I will get you a few pairs.” She then look at me and said the words I never thought would come out of an 11 years old’s mouth. She said “Momma do we have a roof over our head” Yes… Do we have clothes on our back? Yes… Do we have food in our bellies? Yes… and now TG we have a car to take us places. And most of all we have each other. So we have all we need we don’t need more…I thought I was going to cry when she said all that. And I couldn’t help but think of all the times she asked me for things, I did right by being sincere to her. She learned to value things and how hard life is.