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I didn’t think it was possible for a mother to be that attached to their child, yesterday I was proved wrong. This mother was so clingy that she made her son nervous, you could clearly tell he was a bit annoyed. At one point he even looked at me and told me hold me how her mother was such a control freak with him. She made me explain thing to her instead of him and asked so many question that I was about to kick her out I’m not sure if he was more embarrassed than I was LOL. It made crazy to think how neurotic she was with her son.By the time she left the whole staff was a bit annoyed. I understand protecting your child till the end but this was out of control. I wanted to talk to him and private and say” listen you need to either tell your mom to stop or move to the other side of the world.” I kept wondering if he liked it? If he ever put her in her place? how did it get this bad?? How have all if any girlfriend delt with this?