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I love being a mom, god only knows what my life would be like if I didn’t get pregnant early. Parenting is the hardest thing to master, sometimes its a walk in the park while other days its just extremely overwhelming. Ive been very stressed lately and yesterday I think I might of just lost it. I drove home and just zoned out Pepi told me about her whole day but all I could manage out was “uh, or yea” I kept trying to snap out of it but I couldn’t. Then when it got home it got worst I was more on edge. I helped with their H/W and even got a little more frustrated with the little one when she kept doing the wrong addition over and over. And it made it worst when she spilled soda all over herself. Later I took Pepi to the book store and the whole ride their I had a lump in my throat and my eyes were watery I wanted to break down and cry, just a good old cry. I held it together till I put them to bed and kissed them goodnight. I made sure to apologize for my bitchiness but It only got worst when they both held my hand and said ” momma its OK I know you are stressed” At that moment I realized that as zoned out as I was my kids helped me keep it together and i am extremely grateful for them, for having them in my lives. I could help to cry and thank god for bringing them in my life.