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My little one likes I share things and often gives things away that she shouldn’t. Last week she came home with a box of crayons missing. I had extra so it wasn’t a big deal, but it was all about the lesson, that is of not giving things away without my permission. I asked her where they were an she said she let her friend borrow them. The next day she came home and told me here friend had taken them home and left them there. As a mother I don’t understand how a 1st grader brings supplies home that don’t belong to her and the parents doesn’t do anything to make her return them. I always check my little one’s backpack and if something as tiny as an eraser is in her backpack and I know for certain that I didn’t purchase, I always make her return the item to the rightful owner. Well a week passed and the crayons where no returned. At that point i wonder what if the child brought home some type of contraband?? Did the mother even notice that she had crayons that weren’t hers?