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Today on my way to work the topic on the radio was talking about sex with your children. Each radio personal as well as listeners talked about their experience about talking sex with their parents. A few said it was a forbidden topic, they didn’t feel comfortable doing it, and others said they talk to their parents about it and aren’t shy at all.

For me it was a 50/50 thing my mother always warned me about having unprotected sex and things like that but she never really gave me the talk. Her exact words were that when a boy kisses you or touches your butt or boobies your pipi tingle, yes those were her words LOL. She also did say I needed to protect myself but never showed me what a condom looked like or never any specifics.Most of the specifics I learned from school or personal experiences of mine or friends. I just wish she would have been a little more specific with me. Maybe I would have not been so curious.

My daughter is not 11 and I haven’t given her the talk but I’m getting all my facts ready because it’s coming and coming soon. I’ve tried to set up a bond through the last couples of years so that she feels comfortable to tell me things. I try not to freak out at things she tells me so she thinks nothing really surprises me and feels OK telling me everything. When she confides a secret I make sure no ones finds out. it shows her I could keep her darkest secrets. i hope and pray and I’m trying to make the best effort so that my daughter doesn’t become a  teen mom herself.