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With the revolution of social media we have become less personal. We interact with people more through internet and text messages than we do in real life. No matter how hard we try it easier than actually picking out a greeting card or picking up the phone to call someone. I came upon this article and how the biggest distributor in greeting card was forced to close down a plant in Kansas due to the decrease in sales. Its estimated by Hallmark that greeting card purchases in U.S. has dropped from 6 billion to 5 billion annually. That’s crazy right??!!

A couple of weeks ago I took the time to give someone a thank you card for being so good to me. I can’t express how good it felt when I gave the card to the person and she told me how nobody really does that anymore. He gave me such a warm feeling in my heart. It’s extremely hard to do sometimes due to the extremely busy and crazy life we live but next time you want to send someone a card don’t email it,send it via mail or give it to them in person. I guarantee it will make you and the person receiving feel the sincerity of it.