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I have a close to teenage daughter and she I times I see so much of me in her. She is so stubborn and hold grudges. Last night we got into a bit of a disagreement and it was really bad all over her little sister. She woke up this morning still mad at me over something she had done. I got into the car and instead of sitting in the front seat she just sat in the back seat and didn’t even say one word to me. If I would have ever done that t my mother she would have just slapped the living shit out of me, but since I am not my mother I choose to ignore the fact that she was still mad. Right before getting to work, where her bus picks her up, i called her out on her behavior and she told me she wasn’t mad so i left it art that when i still knew she was upset. As a mother it’s so frustrating when a child responds that way but when I look back as a kid I was like that too most of the time I kept things bottled up and never really spoke my mind. My mother would tell me that when I was older and had children my children would do it to me and I would feel the way she did. Lo and behold it’s happening now!! Now I wish I wasn’t like that with my mom!