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Is it possible to die from a broken heart?? It kinda feels that way, it unexplainable. It hurts enough to feel like your whole body hurts and your mind can’t really function. You wander off more than usual and your bed kinda becomes your best thinking place. Lucky for me I have amazing people around me and it only felt bad for a few weeks. I’m not completely cured but I have been given the tools to help me get over it. My husband and I are getting a divorce, Yes that’s right!! It been a good run but things just didn’t work out. We are going our separate ways and it will be hard but at the end it will work out. I know it will! I am getting a little bit of withdrawal already just because he was the person I was with when I wasn’t working or sleeping. We were never perfect and I’m glad we weren’t because it taught me a lot about love and life. So as I see it, time with him wasn’t wasted, I take with my wonderful memories and learn from the bad ones. I’m OK with knowing that at one point in my life I had it all. I’m still young and I have all the time in the world to rebuild. No matter what though I still believe in love, I’m a helpless romantic at heart and no matter how bad it may seem at this moment I still have hope that forever exists.