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I occasionally compare my youngest daughter to a ping-pong ball. On good day I’m able to stop her from bouncing up and down but on bad days its like the ball just keeps getting away from me no matter where I place her. This was the case yesterday. I sat her to do her homework which was to write her vocabulary word five times each. I made sure to get her started and walked off to wash some dishes while she finished. I started to soap up the dishes when I hear a giggle in the living room, less than a minute before I had left her at the table with her work. I slowly crept to the living room and caught her attempting to do a split. I walk her to the table and leave her to her duties once more. I walk back to the kitchen and start soaping up the pile of dishes, I suddenly look back and  no longer see the little person at the table. Once again I hear her giggling and follow the giggles back to our getting “ready room”. I find her and look at her with the most disappointed look possible, she then did the cutest thing in the world that no one would have been able to resist. She looks at me and hugs my legs and says “momma (with the saddest look in her eyes) I’m so sorry I’m just out of control today. I seriously don’t know what wrong with me”