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I swear she really does!

Last night I was so tired from the night before that right after I was done with my mommy duties. Lucky for me my little one was asleep by the time I got out of the shower. I threw on the oldest and most comfy pair of P.J bottoms and the fluffiest socks I had. I was ready for a peaceful night of much-needed beauty sleep. I was in the middle of a wonderful sleep when I was awakened by a “click clack clack clack” sound. My ninja instincts kicked in and in less than a min I was turning the knob of my bedroom door with a bat in my hand. All I could think of is how the person who broke in the house would torture me, kill me and leave me in some ditch never to me found. Scary stuff!! I tried to adjust my eyes down the hall to see what was the cause of the all the rumble. Then I noticed it

The door to the AC unit has little panels and the sleep fairy decided to have some fun with me and give me a little scare. Four of them had fallen and made the horrible noise. I searched the rest of the house making sure there really wasn’t a Psycho killer. The cost was clear but after that my heart was beating so hard that I thought for sure I had some type of heart attack. I looked at my clock in the bedroom and noticed the time, it was 12:59 AM. Ha just great! It took me for ever to go back to sleep. I swear this stupid sleep fairy has it out for me, It’s the second day of no sleep 😦