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I haven’t slept good in about a month the last couple of weeks have been out of hand, it’s either something that wakes me up or I have the craziest dreams and wake up feeling much more tired than I went to sleep. Last night must have been the craziest yet. I dreamt that my neighbor who had two of the cutest kids ever had a pet named Wenzel. Wenzel was a chicken. He wasn’t any ordinary chicken he was special. He was on a leash and instead of cockle doodle dooing he whistled. Yes ladies and gentlemen, a nice tune at that. So he gets lost and this lady has the whole neighborhood looking for Wenzel. I spent most of my dream looking for the dam chicken, all for the kid’s sake. I really don’t know if this means that I’m going crazy because I haven’t slept good in over a month or that my creativity is at it’s all time best.