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Anyone who REALLY knows me knows that I  like to play jokes on people. Not too over the top but silly things like hiding behind a door and scaring you when you are entering a room or hiding something and see you go crazy looking for it. Well today I tried and yes I said TRIED to scare my co-worker by holding the door of the bathroom shut so that when she attempted to open it she would freak out and think that she was locked in. So walked by the bathroom and assumed it was her held the bathroom door for a good 5 mins. Mind you the whole time I’m quietly giggling to myself because I thought it was hilarious. So finally I feel the door trying to open. I hold on to the knob for about 3 mins and let go. When all of a sudden the wrong person walks out of the bathroom, extremely startled because she thought she was locked in. I couldn’t stop laughing not because it was well-played but because I was embarrassed, I had pranked the wrong person!!!