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This past Monday my oldest had a journal entry she had to write a short poem about a phobia she had. They were given a list of common and not so common phobia.We went online and looked up all the phobias possible. There were the usual one like Claustrophobia (fear of enclosed space), Hypsiphobia (fear of heights),  Lygophobia (fear of darkness) Nosocomephobia (Fear of hospitals) Aviophobia (Fear of flying) and Coulrophobia (Fear of clowns) Then there was the really weird ones, like Anglophobia (Fear of England), Aurophobia (Fear of gold), Eleutherophobia (Fear of freedom) and Novercaphobia (Fear of your step-mother) I’m not trying to offend anyone but I guess its that type of thing that only if you suffer from it do you really understand it. So all this got me thinking of the one thing that gives me the heevie geevies. I must say its roaches!! I cant see them, let alone look at them without my heart racing at 100 mph. So my phobia is called Katsaridaphobia. I’d like to know what your phobia is? And if you don’t know the name here a site that gives you all the phobia by Alphabetical order