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Today I woke up with this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. No I don’t have diarrhea or a stomach virus!! It kinda feels like butterflies. I call these my bad feeling stomach. I don’t know if might be a woman’s intuition or me just being wired but every time that something is about to go wrong in the next few days I get the “feeling”. As a child I always thought it was me and my big imagination playing tricks on me but the older I got the more  I put it to the test the more I convinced myself that it was some type of 6th sense. I could never pin point what is going to happen exactly but it never seems to fail. the feeling is that of when you get super nervous and no matter what I do I can kick the feeling. I wonder if anyone else has some type of 6th sense. I’m not talking “I see dead people” thing or any stupidity like that.