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So this year for Halloween I did something simple, I usually don’t like to go out to buy a costume because I feel better making one up myself. I constructed common costume but got so many likes. It was simple and I didn’t buy one item, I had everything and most of all I was so comfy!!

Here’s what I used:

  • White button down shirt
  • Red suspenders
  • My mother’s old slacks (raised them as high as possible)
  • Old pair of white socks my husband left behind
  • Yarn to tie my hair
  • Composition book (as my prop)
  • Red lipstick (made sure to put some on my teeth)
  • A red school girl tie my daughter used last year for her Annie Musical
  • Black rim glasses (when I went to see a 3D movie I kept the glasses, so I popped out the lens and put tape in the middle)
  • I made sure my hair was a complete mess so I teased it a bit
  • A pair of ugly Black shoes (my grandmother gave me years ago and I never liked, made sure i shined them to the max)
  • Black eye liner to intensify my freckles (yes I have freckles!!)