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As most of you may now this past weekend my older daughter left to Disney. I promised my younger daughter that we would have an amazing time. You know to keep her mind off of her sister leaving for a few days. So I had the perfect weekend planned for both of us. On Friday we were hitting up the movie to see her movie, Saturday and Event at the park, pumpkin patch, baking and Halloween party at night. Well it didn’t go as planned, Murphy had it out for me!!

So Friday I rush home from work eate and get dolled up for a night at the movies to see Hotel Transylvania it’s an Adam Sandler movie. She’s been wanting to see it for a while but I hadn’t had the chance to take her. So as we drove to the movie theater for the last showing we laughed and joked and quoted the movie “I do not say bleh bleh bleh” Right when we are about 20 mins from the theater I decided to put down the window of the car but change my mind immediately. But the stupid window wouldn’t go up. I start to panic. I had to turn back home and cover up the window so my car wouldn’t get rained on. The whole time I felt so bad for her but all she could say was “don’t worry momma we could have movie night at home”. And that’s exactly what we did we borrowed my mom’s car drove to Publix, rented a movie from Redbox and picked out movie snacks. It turned out to be a pretty good night, she loved the movie. After the movie was done I danced with her for a good 20 mins to “ta na na na na na na Afro Circus Afro Circus” It was amazing for her!

On Saturday we woke up late, so we had to skip the pumpkin patch. We went to the Halloween event at the park and even though it was fun all she could talk about was her party at night. We got home, baked cups cakes and a cake shaped like a Jack-o-Lantern for her party at night.

My car was still not fixed so we decided to go in my little cousin’s car. The party started at 8 so we decided we wanted to be fashionably late and left our house at 8:30 PM. We were singing and joking having a good time when I suddenly realize that the car is overheating. I looked back and saw how excited my little was all dress up in her costume. So I merge on the side of the high way to wait till it got cooled off by this time it was 9:55 PM.  the entire time I wanted to cry I couldn’t believe it was happening again!! My little one kept it cool though, she assured me we would make it. I absolutely love her for that. She never freaks out, instead I freak out for her. LOL We had to go back and once more use my mom’s car we got to the party at 10:15 PM. Most people had left but a few of her friends were still there. She ended up having a good time. And a great weekend. So screw you Murphy’s Law you cant mess up this little girl’s weekend 🙂