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Technology is a lovely thing, all these smart phone we carry our whole life around. They become part of us and  with the endless amount of apps it can help us do just about anything. I’m guilty of being a person that can’t put down my phone but I have gotten better at it. I’ve learned to put it down when I’m having a conversation with others, I like to give the person on the other side of the conversation my undivided attention. I think its rude not to. I thought it was younger generation’s problem and that older people were wiser than that but yesterday that went down the window. In my line of work there is times when I review things with patients, its important things so I expect people to listen attentively. That wasn’t the case yesterday, a new kind of rude slapped me in my face and this time it involved technology. I was explaining something highly beneficiary to a patient and her husband. Right in the middle of my explanation the husband whips out his phone and starts to text, I’m thinking “OK it might be important”, NOPE!!! He then handed her the phone and she began to read, nodded her head and proceeded to text a response. All while I was talking. It made me so mad. I wish that I could have told them something but instead I just stopped in the middle of my sentence and sat back waited for them to give me the attention that was required. It didn’t stop there I thought they would have gotten the point but they did it two more times and each time I caught them I stopped. They left my office and didn’t even apologize.