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The more days that pass and the more stories emerge from the after math of Sandy, it makes me sad to see how many people have been left without a place to call home with only the clothes on their back. My fellow blogger SexandMiami wrote a quick blog on Staten Island which included a video, check it out. It made me tear up the story about the little boys that were swept away by a current and later found dead. Staten Island does need help but so do so many other places in the Northern East Coast. They predict that by next Wednesday they will be hit by a winter storm, it wont be a really bad one but given that most places are stilling trying to recover and some still don’t have electricity it will be a big deal to them. Our local radio station which is also based off of New York along with American Red Cross have organized a monetary donation drive. Please give whatever you can they need your help!! Also check this site out they give you numerous way to donate! My prayers go out to all affected and hopefully they get back on there feet soon.