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Last Friday my oldest came home from school and her eyes looked like burgers of crying so much. She couldn’t even tell me what was wrong without her tears flowing down. I was extremely worried and kinda started freaking out with her. As she tried to tell me what was happening I could not understand a thing, all that I was able to make out was that she had the worst day of life. I had her wash her face and take a few deep breaths. After a while I sat her down and she explained how she had failed an interim test, And interim test helps a teacher see where you need work in. She needed to get 27 right and she got 23 right and as a result she was going to get tutoring. She cried some more because she feels that tutoring is not the way to go. Now a little back story on my kids. She has been in gifted classes since she was in 2 grade, has always gotten honor rolls and has never gotten a C in her life. Tutoring is not in her vocabulary. At that point I knew I had to make her understand that even smart people need to be tutored. I explained to her that like a diamond,  she just need to be polished. She understood the point I was trying to make and felt much better but in all truth  it broke my heart to see her cry.