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Today as I walked to the bank, as I quickly sprinted across the street some stupid creep whistled at me, it startled me and I almost fell. I honestly hate it when men whistle or holler at woman. How on earth do they think that of it as a compliment. Last I check you whistle at animals to call their attention some people don’t even do it to animals. I doggy sit for my Aunt when she is away on long vacations and I’ve never whistled at him to come. I always call him by his name. It just makes my blood boil. If I had a tomato every time someone did that to a girl they would probably learn their lesson.  Seriously guys if you really think the girl is hot/cute/ fine/ walk up to her and say hi , if she’s interested she’ll engage in conversation if she’s not then she is not and just walk away. That shows a girl that you are more polite and that you have manners than whistling.