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The elections are over, so why are people still fighting about the candidates?? It’s so frustrating to see people who never ever really talk politics write about it so much. Some of theses people don’t even have their facts in check. In the few hours after the winner of the Presidential election was announced I saw so much hate being thrown around in statuses on Facebook. It was kinda sad. Why must people go to that extent? I understand exercising the right of free speech but some people just go over board and say things that are completely inappropriate and border line racist. Now if the candidate that you wanted didn’t win why go on a status diarrhea and ramble about your disapproval. There’s nothing you can do about it, maybe its time to move on and just pray that things get better, that the President does things to better our country.

So to put a positive spin on this negative entry. All while this whole thing was going on as the dreamer I am I couldn’t help to think what laws I would implement if I were president. Now of course they were a bunch of silly ones, nothing really to do with any politics just my inner child making things up but it made me laugh. Here goes!! I would make work weeks shorter. We would be off Friday-Sunday. Tuesdays would be chocolate Tuesdays, certain companies would offer free bite size chocolate. Thursday would be hug Thursday, people would be required to give one complete stranger a hug. At three everyday when a bell rang, everyone would be required to laugh even if its fake laugh for 15 minutes. Once a month free movies would be shown in all the parks nation wide. Woman could work from home when on their menstrual cycle.

LULU for President!!