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Now I understand why my mom was so over protective not that i agree with it but as my daughter grows older I just want to put her in a box and keep her away from all the bad things. I want her mind to stay pure, no bad thoughts just good. No liking boys or anything of that sort but in reality I can’t do none of that. I was once young and I know the things girls talk about at that age and it gets worst!! She in a stage where she likes boys đŸ˜¦ I now it was bound to happen and its normal but when she tells me stories I want to scream, pull my hair and just put her away in a room. I don’t want her to be a teen mom so I talk to her about all the things I went through as a teen mom. I know she is really focused in school but it scares me every single day.

Well last week as me and her were having our normal girl talk she told me something that made me cringe. Now it wasn’t coming from her but something one of friend said. I wanted to call the little girl up and tell her off and tell her mom. But of course I didn’t. I know we all have that one crazy friend that liked boys a lot of boys and even knew a little more than everyone in the group. “The loose one”, the one that always told you things that made you wonder or cringe. Well my daughter has that friend. I immediately told her how she would end up if she became too loose and started acting crazy with boys. I made sure to explain that boys go for loose girls for the wrong reasons. I know my kid is a good kid but it made me wonder how many things did this girl tell her? What exactly were their conversation? I know she will tell me eventually but I feel like I need to put her in an interrogation room and ask everything but I can’t become psycho mom, so for now I’ll sit here and wait till she is ready to tell me more about this little friend of hers. I’ll make sure to talk to her as much as possible and the rest is up to her.