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Yesterday at my job we had corporate come in and evaluate us and give us constructive criticism on the way we do our job. Since last week I’ve been freaking out. I know I do a good job but I knew that they were going to find something wrong, after all they were coming in to help us improve. Each one of us was evaluated, she played the role of a patient and we had to simulate what we would normally say to  patient. The tricky part was that we were each given a sheet where we would have to grade each other and offer constructive criticism. Now ever since I could remember I am a horrible public speaker. When I need to talk in front of a large crowd I croak, I don’t know why. The entire time my heart was racing and my chest and ears became hot and red. Outside I looked calm but inside I was crashing and burning. It kinda remained me of a cartoon where the character freaks out and then the they show all the little people in the character’s head running around freaking out, screaming at the top of their heads. Yup that was ME!! Well when It was my turn I advise everyone that I was nervous and that I would stutter and maybe repeat myself but only because I’ve never been able to speak in front of an audience. So I started to talk and I felt my ears start to burn up but surprisingly enough after the first 3 minutes of freaking out I took a deep breath and just said thought of my girls giggling, and it was smooth sailing from there on. And the best part was that I was only critiqued on one minor issue. She even said she loved it that I stood up and greeted her when she walked in to my office (I do that with all my patients) Long time ago I read an article on how to seem like a confident person even if you weren’t. Three things: Greet people politely with a strong hand shake, Look at a person in the eyes and never say I don’t know even if you don’t.