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Yesterday my Little one was trying to convince me that we needed to hire a butler. Now I don’t have the money to do that and maybe if I did  I’d probably not but this kid had a good argument.

It was late night yesterday and I had forgotten to sit down with her so she could do her H.W. So as we are sitting on the table reading a book she says “Momma I’ve been thinking” Of course every mother knows that those words are not a good sign. So I asked her “what is it that you’ve been thinking of” She says “Momma I think we need a butler” She hugs me and continues ” it would be great to have one because he could do all me homework for me and clean my room, brush my teeth and hair.’ when I started looking at her like really? She started to make valuable points. She smiled and continued on. “Sometimes he can cook for us so that you wont have to. Think about it mom he could do all the things you do around the house and then you could only have fun with us aaalllll day! You wouldn’t be so tired all the time, because think about it mom you do a lot!” At that point I was sold, I saw myself laughing running around a spotless, fresh smelling house. But earth radioed in and My answer was a NO! Maybe when she grows up she can get one, and make him do all those things LOL