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Thanksgiving is the time of giving thanks, I personally don’t think that it should be once a year that you count your blessings but every single day. My girls always compile a list f the things they are thankful for here are mine

I’m thankful for:

  • My family because no matter what I know they have my back
  • My mother without her I would be a lost case
  • My girls, they give me the strength I need when I truly want to give up and make me smile when I need it the most
  • Even though I sometimes hate it, my job
  • My friends MY REAL FRIENDS) that never stop calling or seeing how I’m doing
  • My uncle because of him I haven’t fallen apart
  • The bus driver that takes my daughter to school, sometimes we are late and she waits till we get there
  • The mailman that delivers my mail and never fails to wave and smile at us
  • The cleaning crew at work, they are so nice
  • My neighbor that takes the time to plant things in our yard sometimes even cuts our grass
  • My co-worker who tell me truths even if they hurt
  • Those who follow my blog and take the time to read and comment, you make me happy
  • Those who believe in love even after going through bad experience, they give me hope
  • The old man who opens the door for me in the morning
  • For the men and women in service
  • My girls doctor sees my girls on short notice and sometimes even helps me with medication
  • The hard times in my life, they made me a stronger and wiser person

And last but not least

GOD for giving me the things I need not the things I want, for showing me the way when I feel lost, for working in mysterious ways, for blessing me day in and day out.