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Yesterday as I was on line during my early morning internet fix I started to read a post by a social media friend and I just couldn’t believe what I was reading. ;( Two acquaintances that I went to school with as a kid had gotten in to a terrible car accident while on vacation one died and the other is in critical condition. I didn’t really talk to them but a few times as a kid and never as an adult but we were friends on social media. It made me sad to think that such a young man’s life was cut short just like that.

Of course as anytime you hear about any life cut short it puts your own life into perspective, you start to dissect your life and how you live it. Sometimes we get caught up in meaningless things and just don’t do the things that make us happy or don’t make the the time to spend time with loved ones. My mother used to tell me that death doesn’t discriminate and the older I get the more I understand this. I try to do different things, spend a little time with those I love and I’m currently working on doing things that make me happy even if its just sitting around reading a book. Tomorrow is never promised so make today count.

Footnote: My heart and prayer go out to the families of the young ones affected by this tragedy, I hope the person who is in critical condition recovers soon. He still has a lot of things to accomplish in life.