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It the saddest thing in the world when someone you love has Alzheimer. Someone near and dear in my family has it and its combined with dementia. It very common with patient who have Alzheimer disease. This past weekend we had a little bit of a scare with that person. I remember him being so strong in character and being such a fighter, hard worker but as of late I kinda don’t even know who he has become. I can’t even go over to visit for long periods of time because he starts to fight with my 6-year-old. It’s like they are both on the same level when in reality this person shouldn’t be acting like this. I must admit I’ve cried a lot thinking of how he is not even a mere image of what he once was. It breaks my heart. I love him dearly but  I know it’s not the same person who once carried me on his lap and kissed my forehead, the person who knew 2 languages and a dialect, its someone totally different. This person seems more fragile a little bit scared sometimes just like a child.