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Have you ever looked at someone who is arguing with someone on the phone. I’ve laughed or said gosh what a crazy? Why not wait till they see the person face to face and hash it out. They look like a nut. Well yesterday I was that person. Yikes!! Right before lunch yesterday I got a call from someone and it quickly got ugly, soon it turned into argument. I was so mad I decided to walk and talk. It didn’t help that I happen to pass by a garage where my screaming vibrated off the wall and made it sound worst. A few people walking down the street stop and looked at me like I was out of this world (in a bad way). It was such a familiar look that I immediately turned red, I do it to the crazies screaming on their phone all the time. I vow not to ever do that again but I must say my temper got the best of me at the moment.