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Yesterday wasnt my day at all, I had a serious case of the Blues. The whole day I kept holding back my need to cry, my body didn’t feel right at all either. I even stopped by a McDonald to have some junk food. I got home and helped the girls with their homework but my mood was just blah. They asked about my day and I told them I didn’t feel well. I took a shower and sat on the couch with my comfy Pjs watching them play Wii, normally I would join in but all I really wanted to do was just sit there. Depressing right?? (horrible). Then out of no where they started quoting lines from my favorite movie. Nacho Libre!! I couldn’t help but laugh. I hadn’t laughed the whole day and they made a big effort to put a smile on my face. I absolutely love my girls they know exactly what to do to make me smile. I’m glad I have them around!