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It’s hard to stay positive when it seems like the world is crumbling down on you. Its starts to feel like a domino effect, one thing goes wrong and the rest just follow but I’ve found that its worst to mope around and be negative. Use all the bad times to your advantage, don’t see them as just being bad but take it as a time to learn how to be a go getter, learn from them. Learn to fight through anything.Learn to value those who don’t turn their back on you, those are the people who really care about you, those are the people who will tell you a joke or two to make you smile or will offer some type of help. Learn to smile even when you heart tells you otherwise. Its OK to break down for a few minutes but quickly pick yourself up and go at it again.You can believe the things a simple smile will do for you. Learn to accept that things will happen to you but its the way you handle them that defines you. And last but not least Learn to pray and ask HIM for help, put things in HIS hands and soon you’ll see how it will work out!


Bad times are for learning! Never give up!