Friday I had off from work and decided once again not to kill myself doing things around the house I just relaxed all day, I woke up to get my girls ready for school once they left I got into bed again for a very long nap. I woke up had breakfast and watched a movie. I took a shower at noon and watched another movie. Like at round three I sat outside and read a book. the weather was perfect. There wasnt too much sun and there was a nice breeze outside. Somehow it was like the day was meant for me just perfect.

I used to be the type that killed myself getting my house to be spotless, and cooking for my family, my time off was when I was sleeping but I’ve learned that that’s not a life to live. You kill yourself for nothing! You end up more tired and nothing to show for but a clean house and full bellies. Times like that, times with just simply hanging out make for great experiences! You learn more about ourselves!