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On Tuesday morning on my way to work I head down a street going maybe 25 mph. Just as I was passing through a certain spot I heard a plop!! It wasn’t too loud so I didn’t think much of it but as drove off I saw that there was something lying in the street, I quickly did a U-turn and I immediately became emotional. It was a pigeon, stiff as hell (no guts or blood). It was dead. It must have ran into my grill just as I drove by because I never saw it on the street or anything like that. I felt guilty, my heart all of a sudden felt sad and I wonder if it had any family back at its nest. I looked around to see if it had any mourners but I didn’t spot any other pigeons. I was in such a shock that I couldn’t get off my car. With tears in my eyes I drove away, if I stayed any longer I would have been super late to work on an important day.


The remaining of my day I kept thinking about it. About how I should have taken it off the street and buried it somewhere. About all the family pigeon it left behind. I honestly feel like I murdered someone. I think about it a lot. It was probably on its way to pigeon work or food searching and I ended its life so dramatically.