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mom daughter

My beloved Pepi,

I hear all these stories about preteens misbehaving and going on a rebel rampage. I’m extremely proud that despite all the madness around you, you still haven’t  gotten side tracked. You have a little attitude here and there but what girl doesn’t at given times. I look at you I cant believe that you were once that little baby that I carried. From the minute you were born I knew you’d be special, when most of my world was falling apart you always managed to make me smile, till this day you still do it. I admire that you works so hard at school, I admire how eager you are to be better at things. You are sweet and caring with an amazing thirst for knowledge. I learn something new every day with you. I’m honored to be your mother. Anyone who is a part of your life must feel as lucky as I do. I hope you continue on the right track, I know one day you’ll be as successful as you say you will. Keep up the good work my princess! THE WORLD IS YOURS!

P.S. I love you to the moon and back