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loveMarriage is not what it used to be, marriage means nothing to this generation. I’m young but I often feel like an old soul. People now a days get married and divorced like changing underwear, what ever happened to forever? Whatever happen to fighting for love. Looking for a companion for life? People put off marriage until its convenient for them instead of when they feel in love!  If the timing isn’t right, then they find a sexual partner without considering marriage.The problem is that relationships no longer mean anything anymore. Women open their legs easier than opening doors. Men idolize rappers or songs. act and follow the things they say or do. Girls sleep with married men to get attention or to feel better about themselves and vice verse. People cheat on each other just to prove a point. You no longer get to know people face to face, its texting and emailing. You learn things about a person through Facebook or Instagram. Dating has now a day is about easy, quick, and affordable interactions. Fights become subliminal statuses on a social media. The romance is lost!