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This past Saturday I meet up with the mother of my daughter’s friend. She wanted to meet me so she could see for herself who we were. I was a little nervous because I didn’t want to mess this up for my daughter but I still wanted to be myself. I kept thinking of how to seem mature enough for her to trust be so my daughter could have her child over. I had to be very careful with the things I said, this lady could be my mom after all.
We met up at a park and the girls played while she basically interviewed me. She asked me a bunch of questions and I tried my best to answer them honestly. When she finally asked all that is she needed she seemed to let her guard down a little. She went on to tell me things about her, some a little more personal than I would of liked for our first meet but she seem to like me and truthfully its all I wanted for my daughters sake. Much to my surprise at the end of the meet up she asked if we could all hang out again. Im a young mom and not too many parents take the time to get to know me. Most assume that im young & crazy. I know because I’ve heard some say things to others or give me the weird stare when I go to school functions. Im glad this went smooth. It was nice to have gotten the seal of approval from an older mom.