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On my way to work this morning as a approached a red light I saw a pretty girl waiting to cross the street, she had a pair of killer heels. As I waited for the light to turn green I could help but notice that she could barely walk in her heels. She looked like she was about to either fall on her face or on her butt. Now I know that pain is beauty and sometimes us girls have to go through pain to achieve beauty but wearing heels you could barely walk in? Ummm No Bueno! This is not the first time I see this, I see this almost on an everyday basis. Do they know they look silly walking around like they have a stick up their ass??


When I see girls like this a certain song verse comes to mind

Louis vuitton shoes
she got too much pride
her feet killin her
I call it shoeicide
lookin good has its sacrifices

If you were wondering what song that is, its Fabolous — You Be Killin Em