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It might be that I’m weird or maybe just plain awesome. Today our ladies bathroom at work got flooded (promise it wasn’t me!) So of course I didn’t need to go until I couldn’t use it, so I had to use the Men’s bathroom. The maintenance guys were working on fixing the bathroom right across from the Men’s bathroom.The bathroom here at work are just one toilet and one sink in the men’s and women’s bathroom.  I locked the door and opened the faucet and sat down to pee. I usually do that because I have a thing about people listening to me when I pee. Of course it was one of the long pee that you wonder when the hell it will stop. When I was done I flushed, cleaned myself, washed my hand and walked out. The maintenance guys looked at me funky and asked if there was a problem with the water? They wondered if the water overflowed? I was a little embarrassed to say the real reason why I let the water run, so I nodded NO and walked away. At that moment I wondered if  anyone else had this habit?