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This weekend we had my oldest daughter’s BFF came to spend the day at our house. I was a bit worried because I don’t have cable and wasn’t sure how to entertain them. Luckly they planned on doing some Arts & Crafts. They started off doing some ornaments for Christmas but tafter a few they had had enough. I took them out to buy a bunch of junkfood, just so that they could get out of the house. When we were done I kept thinking of a way to keep them entertained and thats when it came to me. MESS UP DRESS UP. You have 10 minutes to pick out clothes which include everything from belts to scarfs. Anything and it must not match, layer as much as possible. Then you have 4 minutes to get dressed. And finally you have a fashion show to show off your finale product. We had so much fun. Who knew that this generation of kids can still have fun without technology.


Here our group pic