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Yesterday was my little one’s birthday. I fooled her into thinking that I had absoultely no gifts. I did a great job.
On Sunday night went to CVS to pick up a few things. While we were there she saw a Hello Kitty coloring book & she begged me to buy it, so I told her fine this will be your birthday gift because I can’t get you anything else. After thinking about it for a bit she agreed. So we walked up to the line & waited our turn. She turns & looks at & asks “so mom what did you buy today?”  I looked aye her a little puzzled and started to tell her but when I got to tthe part of the coloring book, she got upset and told me that I was ruining it for her. I wasn’t suppose to say who its was for. She then tels me “mom lets try again this time don’t tellme about the book”. So I did and she was more satisfied.
The next morning I let her open her gift with the book inside. I thought she would disappointed because that was going to he her only gift, but she proved me wrong, she smiled and acted so happy. She was even happier when I let her open the other gifts I had gotten her. When we were done she tells me. “Momma you are so cute, you had me fooled, I loved my gifts” and gave me the biggest hug. That definitely made my day.