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2012 was one of me worst years, I entered it with an overload of 2011 baggage. Everything from friendships finally crumbling to a health scare to marriage dissolving into thin air. But I wont sit here and tell you that that I didn’t learn from each and everyone of the hardship pitched at me this year.
I’ve learned that…
-you shouldn’t neglect your body. Your body is a temple take care of it, see your doctor once a year. You regret it when you see one & its too late
-loving someone sometimes isn’t enough, its wanting it to last and working against all odds that makes bonds stronger. Both have to be on the same page or at least willing to be on the same page
– family is everything they have been with you from the start, they will be there at the end. Family makes for great friendships
-finding yourself is a term wrongly used. (I used it a few times as an excuse to be free & party) “Finding yourself” is about really knowing what you want out of life, finally feeling confident in your own skin. About accepting who you thought you were and who you really are and making changes if needed
-children remember everything, they can read grown ups sometimes better than any adult. Children can be a realization in your life
– life is beautiful and also hard but you and only you can decide how you will take on the challenges that come with it, live,learn and progress or let them crumble you to pieces
-there’s therapy for everyone some use music, others exercise but the ones like me use writing

2013 is right around the corner, lets see what it has in store for me..CHEERS TO THE NEW YEAR