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The things that people say when they get a gift that they don’t like are pretty bad. It is beyond me how a person can tell someone who took time to go out and get something for you that their gift sucks. I could never have the heart to disappoint someone like that. I usually wear whatever they give me and if I can find out where they got it I exchange it for something I like and will wear without them knowing.  Here are things I’ve heard from people.

  • I’ll use it to go to sleep (a shirt a size too big)
  • Oh I don’t wear this I’ll re gift it (with a big smile on their face)
  • OMG this color looks  horrendous on me
  • It’s not the color I wanted
  • Oh wow.. its… its….pretty (with a shit face)
  • It’s not what i wanted but I guess i ‘ll wear it anyways

What are some of the things you’ve heard from people. I’d love to hear the craziness.