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Last week was one crazy week I wasn’t able to gather my thought and write one sentence so many crazy things happened that my mind was going at 100 mph with no time to stop and think.

Monday was my first day back from a 3 week vacation which I kind so enjoyed because I was sick for 5 days out of the entire time. I did however get to spend time with my girls, it was amazing to sleep in late and play with them or watch movies all day. I only took 3 days to actually do a deep cleaning. So Monday at work was crazy I has 3656448 emails to answer and a bunch of To-Do stickies for me to take care of.

Tuesday was crazier than Monday because I had the workload from Monday that I wasn’t able to finish. Around 12 right when I was going to take my lunch I get a call from a family member that they were called by my mom’s work that she had fainted twice during school hours and wasn’t breathing. My heart dropped to the floor, i ran out of the office with all the work on my desk and drove like a maniac to her job. When I got there I was able to get information right away on what exactly had happened, I had to wait for what seemed like forever for the ambulance to open the doors and give me a 411 on there status of my mother. my mother is the lunch lady at my youngest school and it happened during lunch time so my little one saw the whole thing and thought her grandmother was dieing. Sh ewas scared to death. Thank fully it was nothing too crazy for the moment but I took my mother straight to her doctor, they are still doing exams to pin point the cause, I’m crossing my fingers that its not anything bad.

Wednesday was the first surgery day of the year at work (i work for a Lasik eye surgery center), that means lots and lots of work and patients to see, I did OT at work and  by the time I got home I was beat.

Thursday I woke up sick, my nose was running and my body ached a little, I thought it was just the stress from the days before but by noon I realized I had a cold.

Friday I got ready to go to work but I kept feeling cold. I soon realized i had a fever and called in sick. i was in bed all day sick as a dog.

Saturday and Sunday I was still on recovery mode. Nose was still running but I was feeling just a tad better.

Soooo yes that was my week and a full explanation for my followers on why i was M.I.A. Today I’m feeling a little better and going at life with a smile on my face and motivated to work.