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clever-girl_designI absolutely love how creative my little one can be sometimes. The things that come out of her mouth sometimes leave me to think “where the hell did she come up with this one”? After she has her breakfast she runs straight into bed, before she come up with this brilliant excuse I would go at it with her in morning so she could wake up, she always wanted to take a short nap between eating and getting ready for school. So she started Sunday school back in October and found a way to incorporate it into the morning routine. After eating I walk by her room and notice a little bundle on the bed. I pull the covers from her and I see her  laying down with her knees to her chest face down and her hand over her face so I ask her to explain what the hell she’s doing that she better not be sleeping. She looks up at me with her droopy little eyes and says ” mom give me a sec I’m praying so that I have a better day at school today than yesterday.” Of course I can’t say anything because I always tell her to pray. So I walk away and warn her she has 5 more minutes to “pray”. Ten minutes later I pass by and hear her snoring, I immediately yell at her to get up. She then tells me “MOM praying make me feel better, if you don’t want me to pray then don’t send me to Sunday school” At that point I wanted to laugh at how clever she can be. So now i wake her up early so she has time to “pray”.