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It bothers me so much when a man has his mommy do things for him. Yesterday a patient came with mom and dad, he first had his mother sign all the initial paper work for an appointment, mind you the mother knew no English at all and all the forms where in English. His mother filled out what she could and I helped her with the rest. I didn’t mind up until I heard the son talking English. Then during the appointment his mother did all the talking and asking questions. She kept running her hand through his hair and calling him my baby boy, all while he texted his girlfriend. I was so ready to slap him on the back of the head so he could snap out of it. How could I grown man let his parents treat him that way or accept that your mother baby you like that. My mother has a saying” if you have time to fuck you have time to be an adult and tackle all the things that some with adulthood”. She taught me to be independent so it bothers me that a man can be such as wuss. Dude grab you balls and take on life!!!