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Lucky I was in labour for four hours both time, I didn’t scream because I was too embarrassed and did use the epidural or IV for pain because I didn’t want it to interfere with anything (looking back now I wish I would have), it was painful nonetheless. My mom says she was in labour for 13 hours, I really don’t know how she endured so much pain for so long. I really render my hat to those woman who take that long or more to give birth.


So Why Am I taking about giving birth? Well this morning I heard about a Two Dutch TV hosts who were subjected to stimulated labour pains for 2 hours, (<<see the video) at first they were laughing but later they just starting screaming. That was just stimulated contraction imagine having their vagina (if they had one) open the size of the baby’s head and the pushing that comes along with bringing a baby to this world. I don’t think any man can really go through what us woman go through, they’d die.