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Autism its something Ive heard many times but didn’t really do any research or became remotely interested until it hit home. My cousin whom I grew up with closely as a kid was recently diagnosed with Autism. He was rushed to the hospital after numerous seizures, they ran many test on him in during those tests they found that he was autistic. He showed a few minimal signs but they weren’t sign you can really be aware if you aren’t aware of what autism is. Since them she’s seek helped and thankfully has come upon people willing to help and really informed herself. She is doing a fantastic job. Overall he is a pretty normal kid and that‘s because he as autism autism doesn’t have him. This weekend we will be walking for Autism awareness in the Dan Marino Foundation, WalkAbout Autism. We are urging you to please donate. Help raise awareness, because the more you know the more you can do. Please donate even if its a dollar to our team below, we haven’t raised enough and every little bit counts!!

WalkAbout Autism 2013 Gratigny Elementary