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three of me

What if there  were three lulupants?? Hmm lots of things came to mind. Maybe my life would be easier. I could be in three place at once LITERALLY! My girls would be able to spend time with which ever me they wanted all the time. So I thought sign me up whenever I can clone myself but due to the fact that m an over thinker, it quickly became clear how crazy that would be, I struggle with my inner selves as it is, so having three of me physically would be crazy! The havoc I would cause would be bad. For sure I know one would be a crazy one, one that doesn’t care what people think, a complete party animal. The other would be a perfect role model, a robot of some sort. The last one a completely self-centered workaholic that has more enemies than friends. so for now lets just keep one of me that has dashes of those characteristics. Having just one of me helps me to be balanced, I get to think over the things I do and It never go to an extreme.