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I was 14 years old when I found out I was pregnant, despite what everyone said i decided to keep her. I was so scared, how could I, such a kid have another kid? I had no idea what I was getting myself into or what would be of us but I loved my back then boyfriend and I knew it wasn’t the baby’s fault that his parent were too naive to think pregnancy could happen to them. It was 9 crazy months of pregnancy in which I experienced a lot of different emotions, my mother didn’t want me to see the baby’s father, so she kept us away. I was scared and no one to talk to on top of that I was going to a school for pregnant girls, it all felt so surreal. But I decided I would be strong and keep on trucking.


12 years ago today I remember giving my baby’s father a kiss goodbye, I had an apportionment with the OB/GYN to check on my status I was overdue on my due date. It was Superbowl Sunday and he joked that I should have the baby that day. I went in the appointment feeling weird. My body didn’t feel right. The doctor checked me and determined I was dilated but they wanted to induce my labor because the baby was ready. They prepped me and were getting ready to break my water when I thought I had pee on myself but its was in reality the water that broke. it took my all but 4 hrs to give birth. When I saw that little bit of human come out of me the feeling was just heart warming. She was mine all mine. I remember crying and my mom’s eyes just brighten. I was beyond scared, I didn’t know how I was going to pull if off but she had arrived and it was too late to figure things out. I didn’t know at the time but that little bundle was going to turn my life around.

The years to come were very hard. We were kids raising kids my mother helped and the only other person who was our guiding light died at my daughter 6 months of life. We lived with an unstable family that would kick us out every now and then. We were broken barely living on a part-time job but we were together and still managing and for me it was enough. We never stopped going to school and raised our kid while we ourselves were growing. It was extremely hard but seeing my daughter grow healthy was more rewarding than anything else.


Today I look at her and can’t imagine how my life would have turned out if she wasn’t a part of it. She’s such an amazing kid and the more she grows the more it saddens me because she’s no longer that little baby I once cradled in my arms. She’s evolving into an incredible and talented young lady. Happy birthday princess, may you have a great birthday and may you keep on the path of greatness. momma loves you to the moon and back!