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For a while now I haven’t cried about my situation, to be honest I thought I was pretty much dried out of tears. Yesterday shit hit the fan. My family planned very last-minute surprise party for my oldest daughter. The whole thing took about 2 hrs but while they were all there one of my cousins told me a about a job interview she was going to have. So I invited her into my room to see if she liked to borrow something for her interview and one by one all my girl cousins came in. It was fun to look through my closet and just girl talk. As I looked in my drawers one of my youngest cousins says”OMG is this your wedding gown?” I turned around and saw she had opened it, she started to talk about my wedding day and how beautiful the day was, how she had so much fun.cry

At that minute I felt my heart begin to sink. My mind was immediately brought back to that moment at the altar when I looked into his eyes and said my vows. It made me feel so sad inside that what was once us was no longer. When everyone left and I was showering a sat on the floor of my tub and just let out a good cry under the water. It might sound crazy but by the time i was done all that pain was gone. I looked like I got into a fight in the shower but my heartfelt much better. It hard to get over things that were part of your life. It harder to let go completely. Sometimes a good cry is needed.